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Spiritual paintings | Kateřina Machytková

Kateřina Machytková

Spiritual paintings

Inferno – canto 32

32.22 At this I turned and saw in front of me, beneath my feet, a lake that, frozen fast, had lost the look of water and seemed glass 32.31 And as the croaking frog sits with its muzzle above the water, in the season when the peasant woman often dreams of gleaning,...

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Inferno – canto 14

14.19 I saw so many flocks of naked souls, all weeping miserably, and it seemed that they were ruled by different decrees. 14.22 Some lay upon the ground, flat on their backs; some huddled in a crouch, and there they sat; and others moved about incessantly. 14.25 The...

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Inferno – canto 9

9.28 That is the deepest and the darkest place, the farthest from the heaven that girds all: so rest assured, I know the pathway well. 9.31 This swamp that breeds and breathes the giant stench surrounds the city of the sorrowing, which now we cannot enter without...

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Inferno – canto 4

I found me of the lamentable vale, The dread abyss, that joins a thund'rous sound Of plaints innumerable.  Dark and deep, And thick with clouds o'erspread, mine eye in vain Explor'd its bottom, nor could aught discern. "Now let us to the blind world there beneath...

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