33.52 because my sight, becoming pure, was able
to penetrate the ray of Light more deeply—
that Light, sublime, which in Itself is true…..

33.67 O Highest Light, You, raised so far above
the minds of mortals, to my memory
give back something of Your epiphany,….

33.85 In its profundity I saw—ingathered
and bound by love into one single volume—
what, in the universe, seems separate, scattered:

33.88 substances, accidents, and dispositions
as if conjoined—in such a way that what
I tell is only rudimentary.

33.91 I think I saw the universal shape
which that knot takes; for, speaking this, I feel
a joy that is more ample. That one moment….

33.97 So was my mind—completely rapt, intent,
steadfast, and motionless—gazing; and it
grew ever more enkindled as it watched.


33.142 Here force failed my high fantasy; but my
desire and will were moved already—like
a wheel revolving uniformly—by

33.145 the Love that moves the sun and the other stars.