Kateřina Machytková

abstract and spiritual paintings

Exhibition “Cosmic game” in spiritual center Zenit in Berlin

My solo exhibition in spiritual center and bookstore Zenit in Berlin - from 1.4.2019.

Manifested and Unmanifested

“Manifested and Unmanifested” – 80×80, acrylic with textures, 6 / 2018 Berlin

On Horizont

“On Horizont” – 50×100 cm, acrylic with textures, 4 / 2018 Berlin

Without frontiers

“Without frontiers” – 80×60 cm, acrylic with textures, 7 / 2018 Berlin

The Holy Grail

“The Holy Grail” – 80 x 120 cm, acrylic with textures, 10 / 2018 Berlin

Wind of changes

“Wind of changes” – 80×60 cm, acrylic with textures 10/2018 Berlin

Celestial river

“Celestial river” 80×60 cm, acrylic with textures, 2018 Berlin

Female energy – how people come into this world

“Female energy – how people come into this world…” – 50×70 cm, acrylic with structures – 09/2018, Berlin

Accept and give

“Accept and give” – 40×80 cm, acrylic with textures, 2018, Berlin

Spiritual paintings

Rudolf Steiner: Calendar of the Soul

Dante Alighieri: The Divine Comedy

Kahlil Gibran: The Prophet

Living Earth

Kasperle stories

Ctibor Bezdek: Children and their beloved friends


Kahlil Gibran: The Prophet – eCards

Older oil and acrylic paintings

Painted textile bags


Tie – dye

Dream catchers