I was born in Prague in 1973.
I studied “College and High art school of Vaclav Hollar” in Prague.
Whole my life I work as free self-employed artist.
I am married and have 3 children.
Nowadays I live with my family in Berlin, Germany.

If you want to contact me please write me to this e-mail address:

katerina.machytkova [ at ] gmail.com

* * *
I exhibited and sold my artworks in five European countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Rep.).
2016 – Ihad two big solo exhibitions in Prague, I also displayed my paintings on two international exhibitions in M.A.D. Gallery in Milano and on international exhibition “Men and Nature” in Dance Center in Firenze in Italy.

In the past I did mainly paintings for children and illustratitions for books. In these days I make mostly abstract paintings and spiritualy focused pictures.
I use all classical painting techniques – watercolor, oil and mostly acrylic. Acrylic is a versatile technique that allows great freedom of artistic expression like light glazes, color overlays and plastic structures. All that give the image dynamics and three-dimensionality.

The creation of each painting is a deep and honest process. I paint in a meditative state of mind while listening to music or sounds of Tibetan singing bowls.
Every human characteristic and emotion has its corresponding color. Therefore an abstract painting can express someone’s personality and aiming using proper colors and textures. Abstract painting can help us to better understand our emotions and our subconscious.

They can bring a calming and concentration or encouragement and new energy into our everyday life. It depends fully on os how deeply we want to go into your soul.
My wish is that my paintings brighten up both your home and your soul. And bring new energy and new momentum into your life. Enjoy the strong positive influence of shiny colours and fantastic shapes of structures.

Main motto of my artworks is – “I hope my painting will give you the courage to go boldly into other worlds. Into worlds of existence without frontiers. Into the brightly colored Universe of your soul …”

Symbolic paintings address basic archetypes inside us. If you wish I can paint a painting directly for you. Based on your individual wishes and color preferences. With topic and size you want.

Thank you for your interest!